My First Yelp Elite Event: Shakespeare With a Twist

Chances are you've heard of Yelp, the online review site for local businesses.  But have you heard of the Yelp Elite Squad?  Essentially, this is Yelp's way of recognizing and rewarding Yelpers who have well-written reviews and are active on the site.  You get a badge displayed on your account profile, and the greatest potential benefit involves the opportunity to be invited to exclusive events.

I'm an active Yelper as you can see my Yelp profile page where I have over 100 reviews. I first became part of the Indianapolis Yelp Elite Squad in 2012 - I moved to Ohio this year, and I am currently part of the Cincinnati Yelp Elite Squad.  I've had a couple of invites come in for various Elite events, but the timing has just never worked out. On Tuesday, I was finally able to attend my first Yelp Elite event ever, Yelp's Shakespeare With a Twist! The twist being this was a show at the Cincinnati Shakespeare Company Theater that wasn't Shakespeare; it was Dickens' Oliver Twist!

So, on Tuesday evening, we headed downtown to find the theater. We got our name badges at the front door, and they were having a promotion that allowed you to get a free Oliver Twist book if you checked in to the event on Yelp using your phone.

All checked in, we headed in to check out the scene.

At the bar area, they were serving complimentary ShakesBEERE and Yelptinis with a TWIST. We indulged in a few Yelptinis, which were pretty darn tasty.  

Photo courtesy of Yelp

There were also light snacks provided, including these delicious 'Oliver Twist Donuts' from Holtmans Donuts. I have not been to Holtmans yet, but after trying these donuts, I am thinking a trip is in my near future. These were melt-in-your-mouth perfect. 
Photo courtesy of Yelp

There was also a popcorn (Yelpcorn) bar with a variety of seasonings you could add. I grabbed a few souvenirs to take with me. :)
The show itself was really good. It was technically a dress rehearsal, but there was no way you could tell. The actors all did an amazing job and really brought the show to life.   


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