StreetPops Makes Up for the Less than Wunderful

We headed into Kentucky to go to Wunderbar for lunch on Saturday.  Their menu seems to be ever-evolving based on current offerings, but from what I could see on their Facebook photos, the food options looked promising. Sadly, I was disappointed.  They no longer had the veggie sausage - they did helpfully point out the couple of other vegetarian options. Yay, another portobello sandwich. :(

They also explained that there was no table service - you order at the bar and they bring the food to you.  So, we ordered our lunch and seated ourselves at one of the large picnic tables that fill the area.

We got the Giant Pretzel to start with - and that is not a misnomer. This sucker was huge. We made a good dent in it, but we still had plenty to snack on over the next couple of days. It paired perfectly with the beer cheese - we ended up getting another cup of beer cheese to go with us so we could dip the rest of our giant pretzel later.  

With limited entree options, we went with the portobello burger with a side of potato wedges and potato salad.  The burger comes on a pretzel bun, so it is thicker and heartier than most buns. The ketchup that comes with the fries is almost tasted like 'Indian-style?' Francisco speculates that it had cumin in it.  
While I was impressed at the size of this pretzel, nothing else of this meal really stood out to me.  I wanted to like this place more than I did, but that is mainly because of the lack of vegetarian options. The staff is super-friendly though, and they mentioned that they make their sausages from scratch or get them locally from Findlay Market.  So, not for me, but still worth checking out!

After that, I decided some type of ice cream was in order, so we headed downtown for a quick stop at Street Pops. According to their website, you can find them at Findlay Market from 9-3 on Saturdays. But darn it, I've looked. Hard. And I haven't been able to find them there. I figured a visit to their actual streetpop kitchen was warranted.

Basically, these are grown-up popsicles, boasting such flavors as Pineapple Habanero and Ohio Sweet Corn. Since this was our first ever visit, we decided to place it a little safer and perhaps try the more exotic flavors next time. So, I chose the Blue Lemon Cheesecake, which I loved. Francisco had Chocolate Sea Salt. His was good, but we both preferred mine.   


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