Over the Top Coat Winnings

Toward the beginning of this month, I was contacted by the Over the Top Coat Nail Polish blogger because I had won a prize in her 100+ Trifecta Giveaway. I excitedly confirmed and I received my prize shortly thereafter.

I won Prize #1 from her giveaway, and it came packaged in this cute little black bag.

The prizes were exactly as advertised, Essence Miss Universe, Maybelline Blue Blowout, and Maybelline Magenta Mirage. 
Essence Miss Universe, Maybelline Blue Blowout, and Maybelline Magenta Mirage
I tried Maybelline Blue Blowout first. 
Honestly, I did not expect to like it very much - I remember being into metallic nail polish back in like the early 2000s, but that was a freaking decade ago!  I had a Sally Hansen polish that was very similar to this one. I surprised myself with how much I ended up liking it. It was such a brilliantly bright blue, especially in the sunlight.
Maybelline Magenta Mirage is a Shredded nail polish. It's the kind that you paint on over an existing color and it creates a 'shattered' effect.
I used to be pretty excited about shatter nail polishes, but admittedly, that's kind of worn down. It was still a good polish. Went on easily over Blue Blowout and had a decent shatter effect. 

My favorite of the trio turned out to be Miss Universe.
This was a deep blue-black color with a touch of shimmer that really did seem to resemble the universe. 


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