Excercise Stability Ball by Pavandeep

Product: "The Exercise Stability Ball by Pavandeep is perfect for Yoga, Pilates, Core Training, Gym, Fitness, Fitballing and even Labor & Birth.  It is ideal to use as a desk chair: change your chair for the Stability Ball a couple of hours a day and stay fit, avoid back pain, and train your core and pelvic muscles."

Use: I've been experiencing back pain lately, so I used this exercise ball in the evenings to try and ease and strengthen my back muscles. You can definitely feel your core engage when you integrate this stability ball into your daily routine.

Verdict: The ball itself was fine. I didn't care much for the aesthetic of the hand pump used to inflate the ball - it kind of looked like a toy. Also, once the ball was inflated, it was pretty difficult to remove the plug to add more air.

I received this product complimentary for review.


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