Meet Colby

Is it too soon? Part of me feels definitely yes. I'm not ready to love another pet again so soon. I don't want to. Part of me is pretty certain I will never love another cat again as much as I loved Travyss.
Another part of me knows that Zharo needs a playmate. He's still young, and he loved to attack Travyss and try to get him to play. We're at work the majority of the day, and I feel bad just leaving Zharo there alone.
Part of me just welcomes the distraction. It's hard to feel sad when you have a joyful, mischievous kitten running around the house.
Part of me always wanted an orange cat. Specifically, an orange female with blue eyes. Colby's a boy with murky green-brown eyes. Close enough.
Will I always be sad when I think of how he came to live with us? Maybe. When I first heard that a co-worker had kittens that needed homes, my response was that I already had two beautiful boys of my own at home. But then that afternoon...that suddenly wasn't true anymore.
A few days later, Sharon had poked her head into the office again to double-check if anyone might be interested in kittens. "Let me see 'em", I said. Almost, not thinking, not's only looking, not committing. We looked at some pics and I forwarded some to Francisco, and we decided to drive out to her house and meet the kittens that weekend.
And then Colby came home. 


  1. That is wonderful! He is not replacing your old friend but is just a new friend added to your circle!


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