July 2015 Disposables

Yes, I know it's basically the end of August, but I'm still going to get this posted. It's been a busy month.
1. I don't often use shaving cream, so it's almost a treat to do so. :P  I usually just use shampoo to lather up, but shaving cream can make a difference when you're shaving your legs more frequently in the summer time.
2. Rio Rumberry exfoliating shower gel that is definitely showing its age.
3. Black African soap...I've heard this is supposed to be good for oily skin, but I've seen negligible improvement.
4. This might be a body wash I would consider purchasing.
1. This lipliner came in my last Glossybox, but I just didn't think it was a good color for me.
2. This was probably my favorite eyeshadow, and you can see that it was very well used. I liked the whole "one sweep" easy application approach, and the colors were cute, too.
3. I think this eyeliner came in one of my subscription boxes, and I think it was Sumita brand. In either case, I loved that it was super long-lasting, but it had a tendency to flake as you were applying it, so I would usually go over my drawn line with a smoother pencil to smooth it out some.
4. This BB cream came in my October 2013 Sample Society box, and it was just too dark for my skin tone.
1. & 2. Fragrances from a recent product test.
3. Bath & Body Works hand sanitizer - love these little things!
1. I think I bought this on a whim from the clearance shelf at Target, and it was a good hair oil. Not too heavy.
2. I received this shampoo for a product test, but I found it to heavy for my fine hair.
3. This multi-tasking hair product smells amazing. I would use it just for the fragrance alone.
4. & 5. Bath & Body Works Coconut Lime Verbena Shampoo & Conditioner sample bottles.
1. Replaced my last Olay brush head - great for deep cleanings.
2. These Tarte self-tanning towelettes came in my September 2014 Sample Society box. They have really good color pay-off. I had learned from my first application to be careful to avoid streaks, so I applied more carefully and brought the color further down, which helped. Although it was still a little streaky around the edges.
3. I've heard good things about these exfoliants, but I didn't notice any huge improvements.  
4. This peel came in my June 2015 Birchbox, and it was awful.
5. This Borghese make-up remover was okay. I tried applying to a cotton pad, but I found it much more effective to just apply directly with my fingers to remove eye make-up.



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