Wednesday Weekend Wind-Up: Dress Shopping

Our windy Saturday morning began with a trip to First Watch for breakfast. I've had a $20 gift card for them for like a year now, and it was finally time to put it to use. I've never had a bad visit here, and this time was no exception. I guess I was going for a bit of a healthy meal with the Siesta Key Cocktail - yogurt, fruit, and granola - but (a) that bowl was huge and (b) that Banana Crunch pancake on the side didn't help matters. FYI, that was a damn good pancake - the perfect balance of flavor and consistency.
First Watch Siesta Key Cocktail Banana Crunch Pancake
We ended up at Macy's for far too long for me to try on dresses. Let me just tell you how much of a non-dress wearing person I am. :-P I probably tried on a dozen dresses easy, and I did end up leaving with one, remarking to Francisco that now I had a whole other dress to add to my collection of one dress [that sits in the closet in a garment bag]. Francisco always goes on about how much of a fan he is of me in dresses, but I just don't like the style - I don't feel comfortable, and I much prefer an outfit that goes well with tennis shoes, lol.
We also bought a new comforter cover while we were at Macy's - seems like we've been eyeing this one forever, and it was about the cheapest we'd ever seen it. Unfortunately, I think it leans a bit more brown than gray, so I'm thinking I'm going to end up returning it. I've been on the hunt for a gray comforter I can love for many months now.
It was super windy on Saturday, and we came home to a mess of boards in front of our condo. The wind had apparently ripped the upper siding off of the neighboring building. You might even be able to see all the nails sticking out of the boards in the picture below - I was glad no one was standing there when it happened. We tried emailing our landlords, and I got a bounce back from her email address. We texted them and never got a response that way either. We talked to our upstairs neighbors who said they had already contacted the HOA about it, but geesh, it would be nice if we actually had a way to get in contact with our landlords. They're still cashing our rent checks, so they haven't fled the country!
We tried out a new drink recipe with cranberries, vodka, and champagne for the evening and began our usual Saturday ritual of binge-watching Youtube videos and ending the night with a Taco Bell run.
Even though St. Patrick's Day is long gone, we decided to try this recipe for Irish Coffee Bars on Sunday. Overall, they were pretty good - nice and chewy with a good balance of flavors bordering on almost too sweet. The icing is made with whiskey - which we borrowed from the stash my brother keeps at the bar downstairs - and I found it to be too strong on its own, but I am definitely not what you would call a whiskey lover.
Irish Coffee Bars


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