Sleep is Dangerous

I recently realized that insomnia has been my body's way of telling me to beware of sleep. I started off this year plagued with insomnia, possibly related to some withdrawal symptoms. The reality is that I'm not a stranger to insomnia although it's usually not too severe.  But perhaps this insomnia was trying to protect me from crippling back pain. And torn shoulder muscles.

Earlier this year, I threw my back out from apparently just sleeping in an awkward position. My favorite sleeping position has historically been a half-stomach, half-side twisted pose, which, yeah, just thinking about it, I can see how that would lead to back issues. I've been trying to avoid that position and just stick to my side or my back - with a pillow between or under my legs for support.

Forgive this super messy pic of the bed, but we decided perhaps a new mattress was in order. I've heard that the rule of thumb is 8 years, and we're pretty close to that number. We started looking for something with a good return policy so we could try it for a while, and we ended up buying the Loom & Leaf Memory Foam mattress.
This mattress feels so much more supportive than our old pillowtop...perhaps too supportive. I ended up with some shoulder stiffness/soreness on my left side, so I emailed customer service, and they sent us a complimentary mattress topper.

Even with the topper, my shoulder pain continued and got worse. Since Google is my best friend, I realized that I likely have a torn rotator cuff. It's now been at least 2 weeks, and I still have limited mobility. Needless to say, we may need to consider a different mattress.

WTH, do I fight ninjas at night? Perform Cirque du Soleil acrobatics? No, for Pete's sake, I'm just trying to SLEEP. I shouldn't be throwing out my back and tearing shoulder muscles. I should be resting. So, I just wanted to give a shout-out to that persistent insomnia. Sleep is dangerous. I see you looking out for me. ;)


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