Pizzanati: Bourbon House Pizza

Bourbon House Pizza
I've been following the blog Go There. Try That. since it was created, and I recently won a gift card in her anniversary celebration giveaway.  It was a pretty fabulous reward - a gift card to a restaurant of my choice that she had featured on her blog. Well, my first choice of restaurant didn't offer gift cards, but my back-up choice of Bourbon House Pizza did! Put quite simply, I wanted to go here because they offer Chicago-style deep-dish pizza.

Armed with our $25.00 gift certificate, we drove down to Florence, KY, which is a bit of a drive from Cincy. The restaurant is located in a strip mall, and it offers a decent-sized dining area with a clean, familiar pizza house feel inside.
We started with an order of Mozzarella Sticks [$4.99], which were tasty. My husband loves when mozzarella sticks are coated with more of a batter rather than a breading.
We ordered a 15" Large Create Your Own Deep Dish with mushrooms. A normal large pizza runs $12.95, and it is an additional $8.00 to make it a deep dish. Toppings are $1.75 each.  This comes to $22.70 for the pizza, and it was definitely substantial. You probably don't need much more than a slice before you're full. They don't skimp on the toppings either - this thing was chock full of mushrooms.
Unfortunately, we didn't love it. Now Francisco said maybe it's been so long since we've had a good deep dish that he's dramatized it to being like a solid amount of cheese, but obviously, that's not the most realistic idea.  I think the amount of cheese was fine, but it had kind of an odd seasoning to it that I didn't really like. It was okay, but these additional spices just really threw off the flavor for me. Also, since the mushrooms are cooked inside the pizza, they were effectively steamed and just seemed to lack flavor.

Verdict: I don't mean to knock this restaurant. It seems like a good family place, and our service was good.  The flavor just wasn't what I was looking for in a deep dish, and that's disappointing.  Francisco would rate it a 6/10 - acceptable quality, but not someplace he would go back to.   


  1. Awww dang so it looked better than it tasted... I hate that lol. At least it was free! :-)

  2. Awww dang so it looked better than it tasted... I hate that lol. At least it was free! :-)


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