April 2016 Disposables

April 2016 Disposables
1. Francisco got me this L'Occitane Fleur d'Or & Acacia Body Milk that also came with a body wash for Christmas.
2. I think I've noticed a difference since I've stopped using this Murad Clarifying Body Spray, so this might be something I would pick up again.
3. This B&BW Japanese Cherry Blossom lotion has been stashed by my living room coffee table for a really long time - doesn't the packaging look super outdated?
4. B&BW Fresh Market Apple PocketBac.
5. L'Occitane Milk Concentrate - probably one of my favorite body moisturizers.
1. Liquid make-up sample - I think this was Cover Girl?
2. One of the mascaras I had tested a few months ago.
3. Francisco got me a duo of the Infallible Super Slim L'Oreal Eyeliner for Christmas, but the one I was using had started to dry out.
4. This Stained Gloss Lip Tar came in my April 2015 GLOSSYBOX. It's mostly gone unused due to the care that has to go into application.
5. The Dew the Hoola bronzer just came in my April Birchbox - I'm just not really feeling a liquid bronzer.
6. This probably shouldn't count as a 'disposable' because I'm returning it, so it's kind of like a net zero. I bought this Make Up Forever Mat Velvet + Mattifying Foundation from Sephora, but the shade I got was too light and it just wasn't blending into my skin very well. Thank goodness Sephora has such a generous return policy! I feel like I generally would just keep products like this and find a way to make it work, but there's no reason I should do that.
1-3. Products from the L'Oreal Ultimate Straight collection.
4. Finished up this shampoo from my March Birchbox.
5&6. Shampoo and conditioner samples from my June 2015 Birchbox that failed to impress.
1. This First Aid Beauty sunscreen was a little difficult to work with. It's kind of a thick cream that doesn't readily absorb, so it doesn't make a great base for make-up. I definitely would not repurchase.
2. This Clean & Clear spot treatment didn't really do anything for me.
3. L'Occitane Divine Cream sample.
4. I received this Radha Beauty Eye Gel to test as part of a Brandbacker campaign, and I ultimately ended up finding it too sticky to be effective.  In fact, I almost felt like it could lead to more wrinkles due to the way it made the skin around my eyes sticky.
5. Philosophy Deeply Replenishing Oil Gelee sample
6. Olay brush head - I have one I'm using right now, but I think I'm looking for an alternative product after this.
7. I won a package of Sally Hansen Extra Strength Wax Hair Removers, so I decided to try these out on my upper lip. I've heard that removing facial hair can help your make-up apply more smoothly. On the bright side, these were super easy to use - just stick on and pull off; no need to heat up any wax. On the major negative side, I had some kind of reaction that made it look like I had an awful breakout on my upper lip for a week. I don't think I would use these on this part of my face again.
8. Philosophy Time in a Bottle for Eyes sample
9. Make-up remover wipes from my April Birchbox. I actually used both of the wipes that came in the box, but accidentally threw away my garbage instead of storing it in my disposables basket. :-P
10. Moisturizer sample also from last month's Birchbox.



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