Wednesday Weekend Wind-Up: Migraine Mondays

Many of my Fridays end in margaritas, and really, there's no better way. Sometimes I like to kick my Mexican up a notch, and we'll go someplace that's a step above the average Mexican restaurant - like Mazunte Taqueria. Still a really casual atmosphere, but the food is really fresh. You order at the counter, and they have a self-serve margarita bar. Also, their chips are made fresh from tortillas, and you can watch the entire process. The restaurant was definitely crowded when we got there - seating is fairly limited - but we managed to snag a table inside and enjoy our small feast.
Mazunte Taqueria
We were going to brunch at Sleepy Bee Saturday morning, but after being quoted a 45-minute wait, we opted to head down the street to Taste of Belgium. We've been to Taste several times before, but this was a first for this location. I LOVED the food I got at Taste when I first dined there, but every experience since then has been lackluster.
Taste of Belgium
I usually make a deal with myself that I can buy [at least] one new 'vacation outfit', so a trip to Nordstrom Rack and TJ Maxx was called for. I swear, I went through nearly every rack at the Rack [ha], but I was all but empty-handed. I did buy the top in the first pic, and I was going to buy the blue top below it, but I couldn't find it in a smaller size.  At TJ Maxx, I bought the pants in the 3rd and 4th pics as well as basically the entire bottom outfit.
After our marathon shopping session, we went to Taglio to try their pizza. We were expecting a dine-in restaurant - and they do have a small dine-in area - but they seem better set-up for carry-out. I was going to do a full review of them, but I think I'm going to wait until we're able to try it again because the pizza was cold by the time we got home.  My fault because I insisted we stop at Yagoot for a Whirled Shake with Blueberry Lemon frozen yogurt and red soda.
I had an awful bout of insomnia that kept me up for four hours that night, so my Sunday was not very enjoyable.  I had a headache, which turned into a really awful migraine on Monday, and I'm still feeling the effects. :( Mondays are unaffectionately termed 'Migraine Mondays' in our household due to the likelihood that I'm going to come down with a headache.  


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