UK & Ireland, Day 6: The Loch Ness Monster

Monday, 5/30/16

Tasty breakfast downstairs at the Buccleuch Arms Hotel.
Buccleuch Arms Hotel breakfast
The downstairs sitting rooms were really quite charming!
Buccleuch Arms Hotel
It was very foggy as we headed further north into Edinburgh.
We finally found a place to park in this busy little city, then began the trek up the hill to see Edinburgh Castle.
Edinburgh Castle
Edinburgh Castle
There was a shopping area next door that we walked through, each leaving with new wool scarves.
We wandered around for a little while, just checking out the city.
We rubbed David Hume's lucky big toe.
David Hume's lucky big toe
Tipped the guy in the really creative um, thing.
Grabbed a panini for lunch before heading out of town.
Lo and behold, then the day decided to brighten up.
Our next stop was Loch Ness.
Loch Ness
Where we eventually were stalked by the infamous Nessie!
Loch Ness
Our major destination here was Urquhart Castle, which sits beside the Loch in the Highlands of Scotland.
Urquhart Castle
Urquhart Castle
We were just a half-hour away from the Invergarry Hotel. There were cute sitting rooms downstairs, and the staircase leading up to the guest rooms definitely had an old Scottish feel to it. The guest rooms were small but clean with a bright skylight, and the bathroom was definitely spacious. There was a river across the street, so we decided to go check it out after dinner.
Invergarry Hotel
Invergarry Hotel
We ate dinner at the restaurant downstairs where we shared the Little Tapas Selection with Eggplant & Ricotta Rolls, Tomato & Sweet Pepper Gazpacho, Spiced Chickpea & Spinach Stew, Mojo Cilantro and Homemade Bread. We also had a side of chips, a salad, and some tasty dessert.
Invergarry Hotel
We walked across the street and decided to turn left to follow the River Walk to Loch Oich.
It was a perfect evening for a river walk - cool and comfortable - and we followed the trail until we came to a road. I was a little disappointed we didn't have more time to do the Forest Walk.  


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