Wednesday Weekend Wind-Up: Arcade and Board Game Bars

My friend from college came down to spend the weekend with me, and we checked out a few new places around town. He got in a little late on Friday, so we didn't have time for much but Keystone and Graeter's.  We started our Saturday with a breakfast of eggs with a side of eggs.
It was a blistering hot weekend with the heat index above 100 degrees, so we decided that indoor mini-golf was a good idea. We went to check out this place called Scallywag Tag, a pirate-themed entertainment center.
It's been many years since I've played mini-golf - the last time was with my Little Sister back in Lafayette - but I actually didn't do too bad. I think Joe only beat me by like 3 points.  :D
After that, we were going to go to 16-Bit Bar+Arcade, but I remembered that they were the place that didn't serve food, so we stopped at Lachey's where I filled my belly with a bunch of tots, and Joe had an order of Chicken Tenders.
We walked back down the street to 16-Bit, which features a collection of over 50 classic arcade games on the floor. The concept is very simple: you drink, you play for free.  Joe had The Dude - a spin on a White Russian, and I had a Punky Brewster and Blossom Russo.  We hopped around from game to game and played so many more than I can remember: a couple of shooting games, Burger Time, a driving game, Donkey Kong, etc.
Look, I got a high score!
Next, we walked down the street to The Rook OTR, Cincinnati's first Board Game Parlor that features nearly 1,000 board games along with a full service bar and restaurant.
There were sooo many games. We started with The Worst-Case Scenario Survival Game and basically took turns picking games - how perfect was Scallywags though given our stop earlier in the day?
I had the Mrs. Peacock Mohito and the Capri Against Humanity cocktails, and Joe had a couple beers. Their food menu also looked pretty decent, but Joe wasn't hungry, so we just bypassed that this time around.
Back at home, we roped Francisco into playing a couple games of Sobriety Test and Partini.
All in all, it was a good weekend with a big stack of pancakes in the morning before Joe headed on to Columbus.


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