Happy New Year 2018

My boss gifted me the most amazing Christmas present and told me to just take the rest of last week off. I ended up with a 4-day weekend + 1-day workweek + 5-day weekend, and I loved every minute of being home.  Since last Wednesday was my only day of work, we started with dinner out at the Kitchen Factory.  This place had such an amazing vegetarian/vegan selection - I would definitely check them out again. I had The Reubenator with toasted tempeh, sweet cabbage, spicy thousand island dressing, and Daiya mozzarella served on light rye, and Francisco had the Veggie Meatball, vegetarian Italian style meatballs with zesty marinara and topped with smoked provolone on a a whole wheat hoagie.
Kitchen Factory
This was supposed to be the first night of our Holiday Date Week, similar to what we did last year, but then I proceeded to not leave the house for the next 5 days. It's okay - I had lots of learning to do on my new video editing software that Francisco got me for Christmas, and I still had the weird cold that I was recovering from. Francisco had to work Thursday and Friday, but I had enough to keep me occupied. And there may or may not have been a day where I ate two shy of a full dozen Peppermint Hot Chocolate Brownie Cookies. 

As is the case more often than not, we rung in the New Year with a family game day.
Well, to be fair, "rung in the New Year" sounds too much like we were actually awake to see the clock strike midnight, and let's be honest. That didn't happen. Didn't even try lol. 
Colby helping me pick games
We did drink a lot of tequila though! 
And I still woke up with no hangover, so woohoo for that lol.  Back to work this week with an increased workload since I've been asked to cover for another department with a departing manager. Yay for double the workload! :P But a far less sarcastic yay for 1-day workweeks!  


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