Holiday Date Week

Since both Christmas Day and New Year's Day fell on a Sunday, I didn't get any time off from work for the holidays. That said, it was a fairly low-key work week, and it offered the perfect opportunity to take long lunches or leave a little early. Since we'd been staying in a lot, we decided to make it a date week and go out every day.

Monday, 12/26/16
Nada is definitely a favorite of ours, although Francisco tends to forget how much he enjoys it.  We hadn't been here since around July, and it's nice to see even more enhancements to their menu. We shared a Prickly Pear Margarita then got the Mexican Poutine "Eh?" [minus the barbacoa], Queso Gringo, and the Robuchon Truffled Potatoes. We were here for an early dinner, and we heard the staff remark that this was their second busiest week of the year. It was definitely crowded for a Monday evening!
Frenchie Fresh
Tuesday, 12/27/16
We actually intended to go to Taste of Belgium for lunch, but they quoted us a long wait. We had driven by Frenchie and I remembered that I still hadn't checked them out. We walked over there and discovered that this is an order at the counter fast-casual kind of place. All in all, they were good but a little pricey. We shared the create your own Frenchie Veggie and got Caramelized Onions, Gruyere, and Mushroom Demigloss [$10.25]. Unfortunately, neither of us really liked the veggie patty that it came with. It was a little dry, and we didn't like the flavor. The fries it came with were good, and the Mac & Chez [Plain = $7.00] was also tasty. We had the Pot du Creme for dessert - yum! [French chocolate pudding = $4.50]. I would go back, but I would either avoid the Veggie sandwich or drown it in toppings.
Frenchie Fresh
A Tavola
Wednesday, 12/28/16
We went to A Tavola in Madeira for lunch. I apparently forgot how much I hate Negronis [damn Campari], but a single sip reminded me and I managed to pawn this bitter drink off on Francisco.  We started with the Wood Roasted Potatoes, which were absolutely delicious.  We shared the Cacio e Pepe pasta for our entree - a little more strongly flavored and al dente than we'd anticipated but a notable dish, nonetheless.
They only had gelato for dessert so we stopped at Busken Bakery for some cake.  
Busken Bakery
Allyn's Cafe
Thursday, 12/29/16
Francisco was planning on driving to Indy to see a movie with his friends this day, but this ended up getting delayed, so we had a bonus lunch. We've been to Allyn's once before in early 2014, and I've been trying to convince Francisco to go back since. Our order didn't change much from our original visit - Black Bean and Cheddar Quesadilla Rolls for an appetizer and a Vegan Chili Dog [I subbed in provolone cheese for the daiya it comes with]. It was a hearty meal that we both enjoyed - although we both find the chili to be too spicy.
Allyn's Cafe
Friday, 12/30/16
Our visit to Tela started off a bit disappointing in that we realized we'd been looking at the online dinner menu and not the more limited lunch menu.  That meant the Fried Cheddar Cheese Curds weren't an option. I guess that just means we'll have to go back in the future!  We started with the Pretzel Stixx; these are served with both a housemade beer cheese and roasted garlic caramel. I don't exactly know what roasted garlic caramel is, but it is delicious. We shared the Veggie Burger, which wasn't bad.  The biggest complaint was that the fries were all kind of awkwardly small, almost as if we got the bottom of the batch. We got a big 'ol hunk of chocolate cake to cap off the meal.  
Talk about a delicious post-Christmas pre-New Year week!


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