Finally Dipped into Cirque

I tried one of my new Julep nail polishes this weekend, Trina - along with a totally new brand of nail polish that I haven't used before. I did 2 coats of Trina, and it came out pretty dark. Depending on the light, it can look almost black or like a deep chocolate brown color. I like that it's dark though - I wanted something dark - but not black - to layer with Cirque Potosi.  

I like the look overall - there are like shards of glitter in Potosi, which is unique. There's also gold glitter and varying sizes of silver glitter. Over the dark polish, it really kind of sparkles and almost looks like a starry sky.  It was pretty pricy for a relatively small bottle though - I think I paid $16 with shipping.

I was going to try a matte top coat, but I opted for glossy instead.

Julep Trina

Cirque Potosi

Trina & Potosi

Pic on my phone at work - blurry :(


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