Wine, Nails, and a Flash Mob

I finished cleaning the bedroom closet last night and found some time to finish off a bottle of wine (there unfortunately wasn't anywhere near a full glass left) AND redo my nails. Score! 
My cat tried to get on the inebriation, too - he's very much like me in that he'll try anything once, twice to be fair.  He has tried wine before, but don't worry, I saved this glass before he could stick his head in and ruin it!

 I didn't like this wine at first, but it grew on me. Plus, it's from Australia, which is one of the first foreign countries I've ever visited (just this past year), so that's a biased point in its favor.

I meant to take pictures of my nails this morning, but I ran short on time. (BTW, it's worth pointing out that this was not meant to be solely a nail blog. It seems to have started out that way, but hopefully I'll have more things going on soon so I can write about them!)

So, I took these with my phone at work, but my phone is very outdated, so the pics are not great. (I am probably one of the only people I know who doesn't have a smart phone!)   

I used Eloise by Julep with Jordan as an accent nail on each hand. I like the color combination - it seems really ideal for a winter look. 

So, I will leave you with an excellent video of a flash mob that took place recently at Purdue University (where I work). Former Governor Mitch Daniels just started his term as President, so he had a special welcome from the student body outside of my building yesterday.


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