So, strangely enough (for me, anyway), I've been getting really into nail polish lately.  In fact, I was just reading The PolishAholic before I signed into my own blog. For probably years, I didn't really paint my nails at all. My limited stash of nail polish was reserved for painting my toe nails in the summer, and that was all I cared to do.  Then probably close to a year ago, I tried some Crackle nail polish...and then some magnetic nail polish...and I found this Nubar Black Polka Dot  nail polish... Long story short, I started to like nail polish again...BUT I've found that I don't really like mono-color nails; I like to mix it up and have at the very least an accent nail or a splash of glitter or something.  

Anywho, after the holidays, I spent some time shopping online and checking out some of the deals...and justified to myself that as long as I purchased anything before the end of New Years Eve, it would count against 2012's budget and I would start fresh for 2013. ;-) Well, I think I ended up buying eleven bottles of nail polish before New Year's Eve was over with. Sephora was having a good sale, so I stocked up on things there. I discovered Cirque, and spent what I imagine has to be the most money I have ever spent on a single bottle of nail polish. I ended up buying the most from Julep.  They were having a big end-of-year sale, and six of the polishes I ordered from them finally arrived last week.
Fireworks & Rocker Chic Collections

For $12.99 each (per collection!), I got the Rocker Chic and Fireworks collection from Julep. Considering that these retail at a regular price of $14 per nail polish, this was a pretty good deal. I haven't actually tried them yet, but the Julep products I have tried before have been really good. 

So, if you become a Julep Maven - which I did for a short time - you get 20% off all products, free shipping, and a monthly product box delivered according to your style profile. I ended up terminating my Maven membership because you only have a short window to decline your monthly box, or it will ship out and you'll be charged for it. I also did not like that you HAVE to cancel by phone; there didn't seem to be an online cancellation option. I saw that they are now selling these at Sephora, and you can still buy products from Julep without being a Maven, so I would recommend checking them out! 

PLUS, I recently had a customer service experience with them that went splendidly. I had also ordered the Sugar Plum Fairy set for $8.00 during my extended shopping spree, and it came with two nail polishes. It turns out that one of those polishes was "on vacation", so I got an email from the Maven Team offering another polish or product of my choice or a refund.  I was able to pick out whichever polish that I wanted, I responded to the email, and the process was complete. I ended up picking Sienna - figured I needed to get something a little lighter to go with all the dark polishes I'd recently gotten.


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