Last Present has Arrived

And the last package from my pre-New Years shopping spree arrived yesterday.  This was the one where half of my order was "on vacation", so it was delayed in getting here. The Sugar Plum Fairy set originally came with Trina and Mila. To be honest, I wasn't sold on Mila from the beginning, and I was purchasing the set more for Trina, which is the purple color below. The color is described as a deep aubergine shimmer, and I'm excited to try it. Apparently, Mila was off enjoying the sun and the sand, so I opted for Sienna instead, the "sophisticated, shimmery gold color" below.
Unfortunately, I have been so busy at home lately that I haven't had time to update my nails since I did them Sunday. Which is a huge bummer with all the fantastic new nail polish that has arrived in my mailbox lately!

But the good news is that I'm making good progress in getting my apartment cleaned and better organized. I've found that one of the best times for me to do a deep clean is right after the holidays where things need to be sorted and put away anyway. So, I've dedicated my cleaning efforts to one week per room. The bathroom is done, the bedroom is done...but I ended up making the bedroom closet its own week, since that is a major storage area. I only have two closets in my apartment, so they are both thoroughly-utilized. Last night I did nothing but go through the filing cabinet in the closet and get things organized and note what new folders/labels are needed and get everything together that needed to be shredded. This turned out to be a thoroughly exhausting task!


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