Life & the Great Unknown

It seems almost mandatory that a new blog start with a description of the chosen title. So, let's take a quick look into what led me to Life & the Great Unknown...

Well, I was leaning towards something like 'Eat. Play. Live.", but that definitely seemed like too much of a rip-off of Eat Pray Love. I wanted something broad because I couldn't come up with a unified theme I would want to solely focus on in a blog. I just wanted it to be about...randomness. Kinda, sorta. Randomness that I enjoy, at any rate. of my favorite games to pass the time with people is 'the question game'. Very simple rules; you just take turns asking each other questions and see where the conversation leads. Some people aren't quite sure where to begin.
I'll say, "Ask me a question."
"About what?"
And a not uncommon response from me is "Love, life, and the great unknown!"
To me, this means ask me a question about anything;thus, a blog that could touch on anything is born.

Inevitably, this conversation leads to repetitive, mundane questions like 'what's your favorite movie, restaurant, and color?', so we'll try to keep it a little more fun that that. 

This is my second attempt at delving into the blogging world. In 21 Days Later, I tried out a couple of different personal experiments just for fun. The first experiment involved eating exclusively at restaurants for three weeks and the second was my attempt at veganism. 

So, let's give this a shot and see what develops! :)


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