From Tacos to...Athens?!

So, life is definitely getting busier. While I haven't had too much going on lately, that is definitely going to change sooner rather than later.

The highlights of my weekends as of late have involved such mundane activities as buying all the "cool" taco options from Taco Bell, i.e. Volcano Taco, Doritos Taco, Cool Ranch, and the Cheesy Gordita Crunch - ordering these without meat, of course, and then preparing my own taco filling at home to indulge in these super tempting creations. Maybe I shouldn't admit this, but, yes, I did devour all four taco creations pictured below in a single setting. ;-)

However, things are taking a sharp turn with a recent announcement that my husband has been offered a position as a Building Systems Group Engineer for a company based in Cincinnati, OH.  Woohoo!  All these months of job-searching and traveling for job interviews has finally paid off!  So, definitely very exciting, but this now sets into motion a whirlwind of events. Most importantly, we need to squeeze in a vacation before he starts and won't be able to take any time off for a while.  (Oh, yeah, and we need to find a place to live.)  Seriously, the to-do list for the next month or two has become never-ending.

1. Explore sub-lease options
2. Find place to live in Cincinnati
3. Pack
4. Move
5. Un-pack
6. Plan vacation
7. Purchase second vehicle
8. Etc. Etc.! ETC.!

I explained the situation to my boss last week, and she was very supportive. Thankfully, Francisco's new job has been very flexible with a start date, so we are roughly looking at the middle of May.

Vacation has taken top priority lately as we are putting together an international trip in just a matter of a few weeks. Egypt has been on the top of my list for a while...and while the political situation doesn't seem great over there, a general consensus seems to be that as long as you stick to tourist-y areas, everything should be fine. The latest security message from the U.S. Embassy in Cairo talks of a "Day of Rage"  ... these messages do make things sound extra scary, but basically it just warns U.S. citizens to avoid areas where large gatherings may occur and to be aware of congestion and crowds around Cairo and Alexandria due to protestors. 

So, we're thinking a few days in Egypt and a few days in Greece around the Athens area. That will make for a nice spring trip, right? It's been almost a year since we've gone on a trip, and it will be a decent length of time before we'll be able to take another trip. I usually indulge myself in one new vacation outfit for each trip I go on, so I headed out this weekend to do some shopping. Gorgeous weather, and I came home with a few extras - really good deals at Gordman's and TJMaxx!


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