What's High in the Middle and Round at Both Ends?


The past couple of weeks have involved a couple day-trips to scope out the Cincinnati rental market. The first trip was pretty much a bust, but...we applied for a house that we both really liked on the second trip!  We will still need to arrange to get the security deposit submitted, so we are desperately waiting to hear back from the property management company. We will be out of the country starting Wednesday, so I would really like to have a home lined up before then...otherwise, we will pretty much be starting over once we get back from vacation. 

I've been trying to not get too attached to the house in the event that the whole thing falls through, but I am failing...  There was a townhome or two that we could also see working out, but there are so many wonderful things about the house... Le sigh.

Of course a trip to Cincy is not complete without some Skyline Chili. :) And they have several vegetarian options on their menu, BTW!

Now it is just time to play the waiting game... The funds are in for our trip to Egypt and Greece, and I should be focusing my energy on making sure everything is ready for that, but I have so many things to be stressed about, I'm spreading myself too thin and can't just focus on one thing, LOL. 


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