Shimmer On

Awesome story...Shimmer Polish hosted a giveaway around St. Patrick's Day. I didn't win. But, gets better. ;-)

The winners were listed online, but not all of them had confirmed their shipping address, so I volunteered to accept one of the unclaimed prizes. And it worked! A little bottle of gold shimmery glitter nail polish soon arrived in my mailbox. 

The lesson here is...ask and ye shall receive? Even "losers" can be winners?  ;-)

I painted my nails Tuesday using Julep Brandt with some Shimmer on the tips.  

Incidentally, I went with a "Purdue"-themed color combo here...which is fitting, considering I'll be looking for any reason to celebrate the place I've called home for the past 5+ years after announcing my "extended" 2-weeks notice yesterday. :-/


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