Sunshine in a Bun

I am just about to start a juicing adventure that you can read about at 21 Days Later...but I had just enough time to test out four new flavors of burgers that were sent to me by Sunshine Burgers.  These vegan burgers are made with non-GMO certified organic whole food ingredients.  They have several varieties currently available, and I had the privilege of trying the Black Bean South West, Shiitake Mushroom, Hemp & Sage, and Garden Herb varieties.
Sunshine Burgers
After being a vegetarian for over half my life, I can tell you I've gotten pretty darn picky about my veggie burgers. So, I wasn't expecting to be blown away by these, but they all really delivered on taste and texture. The South West burger was a bit crumbly, but that's not uncommon for black bean patties.  Hemp & Sage may be my overall favorite, but each patty offered different elements that really enhanced the overall flavor of the burger.  Sunshine Burgers offers some great choices for a perfect burger - choices you can feel good about that are tasty as well!


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