February Nail Art Challenge: 01 GLITTER

I've seen several nail bloggers participate in various nail art challenges throughout the year, and I've always thought it could be fun, but demanding. I was reading the Let Them Have Polish blog, and she's already featured the first two challenges, so I felt inspired. And I love how it's actually called "The Totally Doable I have a life! Challenge", because a lot of other challenges have prompts for like every single day, which gets out of control. So, yes, I am already behind, but I should have the first two done this week.

Californails Feb Challenge photo Screenshot2014-02-01at115556AM_zps2db93afc.png
I already had a base coat of Take My Breath Away by Sweet Heart Polish and Cupcake Sprinkles by Carpe Noctem on my index nails. When I decided to jump into the challenge, I figured it just made sense to leave it as is and expand.
Top photo: Near natural lighting; Bottom: With flash
From my thumb to my pinky, I used:
Sweet Heart Polish Glamorous - A gold glitter with a lot of fun going on
Carpe Noctem Moby Grape - A purple glitter that was a little darker than my base
Julep Jordan - A full-coverage silver gunmetal glitter
Carpe Noctem Cupcake Sprinkles - I love this glitter. It's a mix of pastels with different shaped glitters.
Cirque Potosi -  This shredded silver glitter polish with gold flecks is one of the first indie nail polishes I coveted. 
So, like I said, I'm already behind, but I'll try and not be more than a couple days behind going forward. :) I plan to keep it fairly simple and just have fun with it. 


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