Birthday Pizza

We had squeezed in a quick celebration the weekend before Francisco's birthday, but we still had the rest of the week to celebrate - and my brother was in town the whole time to make the most of it! All in all, it was a very low-key visit though. Francisco's birthday was on a Wednesday, so we both had to work most of the day. We had plans to meet up with some friends who were passing through town for dinner...but then we realized they were running late and likely wouldn't be here until close to Francisco's bed time, so plan B: Pizza! :)
It came as no surprise that the man could've picked anywhere to eat, but we ended up with take-out from Donato's. My favorite as always was their Asiago Street Brick Bread.
We ended the evening with a board game. My brother had gotten him World War Z for his birthday.
We still had a few days left with my brother, so we tried to make the most of it by visiting some new restaurants like Flipdaddy's and Cock & Bull. We enjoyed all the overall food, but we will try less adventurous burgers from Flipdaddy's next time. The Herman Muenster (pan-fried cinnamon apples, pumpkin aioli, grilled onions and muenster cheese) and the Blackened Bayou (homemade remoulade sauce, Cajun grilled onions, lettuce, tomato and Havarti cheese) were pretty bold burgers for our first visit, and I want to see what a more standard option tastes like so we can give the burgers a more fair assessment. :)
But of course since it was Francisco's birthday week, we eventually ended up at the good ol' Original Pancake House.
I'm not the biggest fan, so we usually end up going to a restaurant we can both enjoy a little more equally, but of course, his wish is my command on his birthday. I tried the blueberry pancakes, and he got his standard orange crepes.
He wanted to see the Guardians of the Galaxy, so we convinced my brother to accompany us - this was definitely his first visit to the theater in years. Francisco even had a baby deer stop by on his birthday week!
Francisco is definitely very laid-back, and this fairly low-key birthday celebration was right up his alley. Heck, I'm sure he would've preferred to stay in and cook more so than going out to eat, but you have to preserve some luxuries for your birthday week! ;-)


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