Coney Has It?

I've been to the grounds of Coney Island once before when I won tickets to Summerfair, but checking out this art fair really made me want to return to actually see what Coney Island has to offer. What better opportunity than for our Employee Appreciation Day at work. Can't beat free admission, right?
We made it to the park shortly before they began serving lunch, so we jumped in line to start our visit with some foods. We weren't sure what would be on the menu, but we ended up with salad and beans, as it was mostly hamburgers and hot dogs. I later learned that there was another section that did have veggie burgers, and I ended up grabbing one but pretty much regretting it. I was getting pretty grossed out watching people reaching in with their hands and completely ignoring the tongs that are there to prevent food from being contaminated by people who have undoubtedly not washed their hands. Everyone there worked AT A HOSPITAL or was related to SOMEONE WHO WORKED AT A HOSPITAL - why were the hygiene standards so abysmal?! Sigh, witnessing people doing unsavory things near food upsets me. I like food, and I like to enjoy it, and that just kills my enjoyment. :-P
Anyways, a disappointing plate later, we set off to wander around the park, and this served as a solid reminder that I have long outgrown my days of loving amusement parks. Truthfully, this "love" really only spanned a few years of my mid-late teens where I splurged on season passes to Six Flags Great America and took countless trips up to Gurnee, IL.

We weren't really interested in most of the rides, so we just ended up going on the ferris wheel - that's usually a safe bet.  There were way too many spinny rides, and those rides never agreed with me even in my amusement park heyday.
We caught a performance by Musicology after the ferris wheel ride.
After verifying that there wasn't anything else we wanted to do at the park, we made our way out. I'm a little bit disappointed we didn't end up doing more - I was hoping to at least check out the bumper cars and mini-golf, but our moods had started to decline. I think the unsatisfactory food issues and just the general anxiety we've been under lately put a damper on the experience. Till next time, Coney Island!  


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