Blue-Eyed Girl Lacquer (BEGL) Doctor Who Collection Swatches and Review

The Doctor Who Collection 'It Got Away from Me, Yeah…'  was inspired by the popular Doctor Who series and named after some banter in one of Blue-Eyed Girl Lacquer's all time favorite episodes, Blink. This collection originally started out with 6 polishes and grew to be 15 polishes strong. Almost all of these polishes were designed to be opaque in one to two coats, so they may need to be thinned to your desired consistency.  The release of these 15 polishes has been spread out over three months.  In September, BEGL released the Women of Doctor Who, in October, the Men of Doctor Who, and in November, BEGL will release a 4 part collection made up of the four doctors starting after the reboot.

Polishes in the September line-up include:
From the September polishes, I tried the following three: Just Admiring Your Skills, SweetieA Long Time Ago Tomorrow; and A Snogging Booth?.
The formula for Just Admiring Your Skills, Sweetie was definitely on the thick side (as noted in BEGL's description), so you may want to thin it to your desired consistency. It's kind of a dusty purple color that can really be a one-coater.
The pink to purple shift is subtle in indoor lighting, but the shimmer is much more evident in sunlight.
The formula for A Long Time Ago Tomorrow is also thick - but less so than Just Admiring Your Skills, Sweetie. I used two coats for evenness, but this could be a one-coater with careful application. This is a rich jewel-toned blue, and the wear time for this polish was notable. Two days later, there was very minimal tip wear.
Finally, A Snogging Booth? was probably my favorite polish out of the bunch.  Without a base color, there was definitely some visible nail after a single coat. However, you can easily build this up to opacity with three coats.  I used one coat of Essie 'She's Pampered' on the two fingers in the middle with a single coat of A Snogging Booth? on top. For the two end fingers, I only used three coats of A Snogging Booth?
The formula was really easy to work with.
Coming in October:

  • Oy, Stupid Face! - hot pink with flakies.  [The Ponds]
  • 2000 Years - clear base with blue, silver, purple, and aqua microglitter.  Dries textured.  [Rory Williams (Pond)]
  • The Innuendo Squad - slate blue linear holo with silver shimmer.  [Jack Harkness]
  • Noticing Face - deep purple jelly with gold, blue, and purple holo microglitters. [Craig Owens]
  • Mickey Smith. Defending the Earth - hunter green linear holo with gunmetal flakies. [Mickey Smith]

Coming in November:

  • Void Stuff - teal linear holographic with a subtle blue to green shift.  [10]
  • Zero Balance Dwarf Star Alloy- dark grey linear holographic with strong blue shimmer and green, purple, aqua, and blue micro shimmers.  [11]
  • TBD [9]
  • TBD [12]

The linear holographics and shifters will be $12, the cremes, shimmers, flakies, glitters, and microglitters will be $8.50.  The Doctor Who set will be restocked from September through November, at which point they will be retired. Please check out the following sites for additional information:


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