Fuse Essentials Lingerie Bags

Product: "Fuse Essential's premium lingerie bags are designed to protect and extend the life of your lingerie, underwear, scarves, bras, hosiery, expensive blouses, baby clothing, and sweaters. They are made with an elastic zipper cover to ensure a quiet, snag-free wash, and they are made with premium mesh that never rips or tears in the washer.

This set included:
- 1 Small Wash Bag: 8" x 12"
- 1 Medium Wash Bag: 12" x 16"
- 2 Large Wash Bags: 16" x 20"

Use: These have been really handy. I toss in my underwear, scarves, sweaters, even fancy pillowcases I don't want to get damaged in the wash.

Verdict: Lingerie bags are a great convenience to have on hand. I used to have to hand-wash several items, but now I feel better about tossing these items in the wash bags.  The variety in size is also great depending on the item that needs washing.

I received these products complimentary for review.  


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