April 2015 Disposables

April was actually a pretty decent month. I've made a deal with myself that I can keep my subscriptions to both GLOSSYBOX and Birchbox as long as I use up 10 or more products each month. I'm off to a great start!
1. Not a fan of this conditioner - just kind of weighed down my hair.
2. I used up this hair detangler when a replacement came in a recent Birchbox.
3. I bought this many moons ago to try and amp up my thin hair, but it just weighed it down and left it sticky.
1. Who doesn't love Bath & Body Works?
2. This foot cream was really concentrated and worked well for dry feet.
3. Decent hand moisturizer.
4. More Bath & Body - my default lotion.
5. I used this lotion up as soon as it came in my April Birchbox.
6. Adovia Natural Sulfur Soap reviewed here.
7. Lush soap from my Christmas haul.
Holy cow, there's a lot going on here.
1. This sunscreen was okay - it was good that I felt okay using it on both my face and the rest of my skin.
2. I'm not a big fan of sheet masks - they never seem to adhere right. This one was fairly moisturizing though.
3. I've read good things about this brand, but the sample size was probably too small to really cause any difference.
4. Received and used up in my April GLOSSYBOX.
5. I like Murad products, although they can be pricey.
6. Good exfoliating face wash from last year's July GLOSSYBOX.
7. Took forever to use this up!
8. This exfoliating treatment was from my May 2014 Beauty Bar Sample Society box - that alcohol smell is killer.
9. I ended up finding this mask from last May's ipsy bag to be too sticky to use without enough benefit.
10 & 11. This serum and moisturizer came with the Exuviance Performance Peel pads I used up in December.  The serum was a bit sticky, and the moisturizer had a light, fresh scent to it.
12. I received two little balls of this moisturizer in my March GLOSSYBOX. Good stuff, but expensive!
1. This came in last year's June Glam Bag, and I was disappointed. Too bright blue and difficult to apply.
2. I'm a decent fan of bareMinerals products, and this powder was no exception.
3. I received this sample of this eye cream and lash serum duo. The eye cream wasn't my favorite, but I liked the idea of using a product to boost my lashes.
4. This concealer brush came with a Sheer Cover purchase, and it was looking worn out.
5. I decided this gloss just wasn't a great color for my skin tone.

FINAL RESULTS: 27!! Wow, that's a record!  I want to keep this up - I'm just too much of a hoarder still! :-P  


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