Gourd-Shaped Foundation Makeup Sponge

Product: This Gourd-Shaped Foundation Makeup Sponge allows you to "apply foundation flawlessly with a soft makeup sponge that will leave a smooth, even application. With its gourd shape, sponge is easy to hold while providing both small and wide surface coverage.Eliminate streaks and allow even distribution of liquid and powder foundation every time.

Features include:

Flawless Application of Liquid Foundation Makeup
No Streaks, Even Distribution
Use Pointed Side Around Nose and Eye Area
Use Wide Side Around Chin, Face, and Forehead
Easy to Clean"

Use: I ran the sponge under water first and then squeezed and blotted dry.  I poured out some liquid foundation on to the back of my hand, and then used the damp sponge to apply and blend.

Verdict: I've used the original Beauty Blender before and wasn't terribly impressed. It is a pricey make-up sponge that does what my normal inexpensive triangle cosmetic sponges do.  However, I really like the gourd shape of this sponge, which makes it easier to grip, and it's a fraction of the price of Beauty Blender, while still performing just as well.

I received this product complimentary. 


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