Happy Beerthday

My brother came to Cincinnati to celebrate his birthday with us.  He usually drives down Friday after work, so we can all wake up refreshed Saturday morning and have the entire weekend ahead of us. After a quick brekkie, he went to take a shower and we pulled out some quick decorations.
We had thought he would be interested in checking out one of the breweries around town, so we had beer-themed his birthday.
We were gonna wait until later to bust out the treats, but we thought it wouldn't hurt to have a few bites before lunch. Francisco had made cookie stuffed brownies, featuring a layer of cookie on the bottom, Oreos and peanut butter cookies in the middle, and brownie on top.
cookie stuffed brownies
 We put together a quick tray with some mini cheesecakes from Whole Foods.
For lunch, we headed to Keystone Bar & Grill, one of our local faves, as well as a quick ice cream stop at Hello Honey.
Hello Honey
As stuffed as we now were, we decided to go along with our plan to make specialty fruit cocktails. We hollowed out a pineapple, watermelon, and coconut - which of course led to some very fresh pina coladas.
He decided instead of breweries, he just wanted to play games and bum around the house. 
In the AM, we headed out for Sunday brunch at Nada. We started out with brunch drinks - a Tequila Sunrise for my brother and a Velvet Underground for me.
Nada Tequila Sunrise Velvet Underground
We ordered the Queso Dip as an appetizer. Super delicious! But also super slow at getting to the table, so it was dropped off with an apology and an explanation that it was on the house.
Nada Queso Dip
We did have a slight snag with our entrees. My Eggs Benedicto were good, and my brother didn't have any complaints about his Baja Fish Tacos, but my husband's order of Huevos Rancheros turned out to have a hidden layer of meat that hadn't been listed on the menu. The waitress was super-understanding once we explained our misunderstanding, and an order of Vegetarian Tacos quickly appeared as replacement.
Nada Eggs Benedicto, Baja Fish Tacos, Huevos Rancheros
Even with a couple of snags, the meal was fantastic, and the service made up for it!


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