AZSPORT Kinesiology Tape

Product: The AZSPORT Kinesiology Tape is "made with superior technology to help you surpass even the most grueling activity. It is known to benefit a wide range of musculoskeletal and sports injuries, including inflammatory conditions.

Here's how AZSPORT Kinesiology Tape may help you:

*Bring relief to overused and sore muscles
*Support your joints and muscle during intense activities
*Promote fast healing
*Help improve and increase performance
*Enhance the lymph drainage and blood circulation"

Use: My husband has recurring issues with his knees, so I passed this product on to him to try. He reported that application was somewhat annoying as the tape backing was hard to take off, and it makes it easier to have the tape stick to itself. Adhesion remained for about 2 days. When he was able to get it on, it was good support.

Verdict: While this product has spurred my husband to try out other support options, ultimately this wouldn't be something he would purchase again. The support was okay, but the hassle to apply was a little much to deal with, and the tape acted as mini-waxing strips for his legs when it was time for removal. :-P

I received this product complimentary for review.  


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