To Journal?

So, I'm celebrating kind of a milestone birthday here, and it's a brilliant time for reflection. What has changed in the past decade - who was I 10 years ago? This naturally led to me pulling out a stack of my journals documenting my 20s.
I don't journal at all like I used to. Yes, I blog, but you have a different tone with blogging. I generally try to keep it light...I've touched on a few personal crises I've been dealing with this year, but I don't want to make that the focus of my writings here. The truth is that it's been a hard year for me, and I've been sad through much of it because I've felt so helpless. It's been heart issues followed by chronic headaches and now persistent insomnia. I don't feel like I live a normal life anymore. It's hard to just relax and enjoy anything because I'm constantly worried I'll end up not feeling well.  I can't spend much time in the sun, I can't alter my sleep patterns, I just can't figure out what I need to do to feel better. It's sad and frustrating. So, the conclusion here is that maybe I need to journal again because I obviously still have a lot of things weighing me down and I don't have an outlet for them. :-P

But anyways, there's a lot to take in reflecting on a decade of your life, and I'm still only 2.5 journals in.  There's a lot of sadness and frustration, and a lot of times, I just felt proud of who I was then and some of the brave decisions I made. Francisco has been a piece of my life for over half of it, but much of what I've read so far describes the bad parts of our relationship. And it's sad to look back at that part of my life and such a relief to realize how far we've come as a couple.

10 years ago, I had been nowhere. My travel log so far maybe encompassed Indiana, Illinois, and Wisconsin. But my early 20s brought my first road trip when Francisco and I drove down to Tennessee for a few days. Who knew that that one trip would essentially spark such a strong interest in traveling that would lead to me traveling not only the rest of the country, but the world?
Such relatively small moments that change your life...


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