Restaurant - er, um - Birthday Week, Day 6 & 7

If we were to recount all of the places in Cincinnati we've frequented, surprisingly, Rascal's NY Deli would rank up there. This time, we started with an order of pierogis.
Rascal's NY Deli Pierogis
My favorite meal from there is the Avocado Melt, which I have gotten each and every time we have stopped in.
Rascal's NY Deli Avocado Melt
We I decided that ice cream would sound good, so we stopped at Aglamesis Bro's for a sundae. I've tried their ice cream once before but never actually been to a shop. [Reminded me of Gayety's from back home.]
Aglamesis Bro's
Finally, it was the last day of my 20s, and we ended up at Cheddar's. LOL, it's close by, and Francisco isn't the biggest fan, so he suggested it since he knows I like it. Every time I go, I order the a side of the Broccoli Cheese Casserole and the Baked Spasagna - so yummy!
Cheddar's Baked Spasagna
Pretty tame last couple of days, eh?


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