Restaurant - er, um - Birthday Week, Days 3 & 4

We have tried Taste of Belgium a few times, noted here and here, but we hadn't been to the Clifton location yet, so that is where we ended up for dinner. On the drive home, I realized just how close it actually is to my work and today I walked over there in 10-15 minutes. (I am obviously still getting oriented to our "new" city.)
Taste of Belgium is one of the joints Guy Fieri visited on his Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives tour through Cincinnati.
We started with an order of Cheese Croquettes and a side of frites.  Francisco went for a savory crepe option, but I had the Salty Caramel & Roasted Walnut crepes.
Passing the dessert case walking in, I had already decided that we would be picking up some treats on the way out. :) That dark chocolate cookie ended up being my favorite of the bunch.
Day 4's restaurant didn't even involve the option of sitting down to eat since it's just a carry-out window, but Gomez Salsa has stolen my heart.  More specifically, the Turtle Shell menu option is my love.
More specifically, the Turtle Shell menu option is my love. We first tried this on our way to see Cirque du Soleil: Varekai in Kentucky, and I have come back a few times since.
That first bite, and I was already like yeah, Gomez Salsa is going to win best food of the week, hands down.  Curious if that holds true?


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