June 2015 Disposables

Looks like June was a good month, too!
1. Ocean Mineral Facial Cleanser I received for evaluation a few months ago - I prefer a cleanser that packs more punch.
2. This primer came in my Spring 2014 FabFitFun box - I liked that it included SPF, but I would have preferred something with more mattifying properties.
3. I received this Serum for review, and I noticed some benefits but not enough where I would re-purchase.
4. The consistency of this lip product made it seem like I was applying lotion to my lips...which is weird.
5. Charcoal is popping up in all kinds of beauty products, including this Biore cleanser.
6. I received this retinol serum for review about a year ago.
7. I used this 5 Sec Blur as a primer, and I thought it worked decently well.
8. I won a ROC giveaway that included this eye cream.
9. Small Estee Lauder foundation sample.
1. I finished up this Suave lotion - seemed to work as well as others I've tried.
2. Picked this hand creme up while in New Zealand.
3. I was worried this body wash would end up being too heavy for summer, but it was fine.  
4. Crabtree & Evelyn body lotion from the Hilton Hotel in Beijing.
5. Crabtree & Evelyn Shower Gel.
1. While I kind of liked this One Direction lipstick at first, I was definitely happy to see it finally used up. BTW, I received it complimentary for review; I didn't seek out One Direction make-up. ;)
2. This lipstick came in my September 2013 Ipsy bag. I kept thinking maybe I could layer it with a darker color, but eh, it was just time to toss it.  
3. I recently tested several mascaras, and this one clumped too easily.
4. This is like one of my oldest eye shadows, almost certainly dating back to my parents' house. The brand was Savvy Eyelites, and I'm not even sure if they exist anymore.
5. This eyeliner came in my last Birchbox, but it just didn't work out for me.  
6. I didn't really have many positive thoughts about this eyeliner that came in a recent Influenster box. 7. I received this lip pencil in my October 2013 Ipsy bag...I'm just not a lip liner gal. Should I be? Maybe...
8. This Bare lip liner came in my July 2014 Beauty Box 5 - just not a great color for me.
9. This eye shadow palette just came in my May Birchbox. The colors just weren't very pigmented, so why keep 'em around?
10. Another super-duper old eye shadow from my stash.
1. Crabtree & Evelyn Shampoo
2. Fragrance I was testing - no idea what the brand is.

FINAL RESULTS: 26! Not bad - I was particularly impressed with how many make-up products I was able to part with - I tend to work my way through those products very slowly.


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