Donut Trail, Part IV

While we were out early enough last weekend, our bellies can only accommodate so many donuts, and so far, two donut stops has been our max. Our morning began with a stop at the Oxford Doughnut Shoppe. This was a good ways out - near Miami University - about a forty minute drive, depending on where you're coming from in Cincinnati. This basic shop is located in a small strip mall, and they had an average selection.
Oxford Doughnut Shoppe
I had the Glazed Red Velvet donut - it had a nice glaze, and it was dense without being heavy or dry. Really good. Francisco chose the Apple Fritter, which he said was kind of light on the apple flavor..but it did have a wonderful brown butter and cinnamon flavor. It had a moist glaze and good density with a good crunch on the outside, and he said it had a nice chew without being doughy. The donuts were $0.85 each.  
Oxford Doughnut Shoppe
Next, we walked into Kelly's Bakery, and we were so excited. We saw Buckeye Donuts, S'more, AND Fruity Pebbles. I wanted them all.
Kelly's Bakery
There had looked to be a camera crew inside as we walked up, so we weren't sure if it was okay to walk in, but we were glad we did...until the staff informed us that these donuts were STAGED. The film crew was there to film a family experiencing the donut trail, and these donuts had been set aside for them specifically.
So, that was SUPER disappointing, and I left feeling a little frustrated and confused. I wonder if they will air this as a segment purporting to offer this variety of donuts when really that's not representative of their typical offering. Or is it, and we just arrived after they'd mostly been cleared out? I was way over-thinking these donuts.

Anyways, we went with the comparatively lackluster Apple Fritter and Fried Croissant. The fritter was good [and large!] - crispy on the outside and soft inside with a butter and cinnamon flavor. My husband liked the fried croissant, but I wasn't the biggest fan. It was $3.00 total for these two items.
Kelly's Bakery
Man, that initial disappointment was hard for me to get over! Overall, I've been disappointed that we haven't really encountered "cool" donuts on the trail. Where are the wild donuts the site talks about: Cheesecake, Banana Pudding, Pineapple Fritter?!? Don't get me wrong - we've eaten some amazing donuts, but I was hoping to see some bakeries really take their donut game to the next level.  


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