First Family Visit of the Year

Last Friday, I had a doctor's appointment that wrapped up a little before lunchtime, so we stopped at nearby Smashburger for a Peanut Butter Shake, Truffle Fries, and Truffle Mushroom Swiss burger. We shared, but that was still way too much food, lol. 
Smashburger Peanut Butter Shake, Truffle Fries, and Truffle Mushroom Swiss burger.
After work, we stopped at Mellow Mushroom and got our favorite pizza from there. I find myself disappointed in their cocktails. They're definitely on the small side, but still run around $8 or $9.
Mellow Mushroom Drinks
My mom and brother were on their way down for the weekend, so we stopped and picked them up some Skyline Chili, so they had something to eat once they got there. I'm an old man, so I was in bed at least an hour or two before they actually arrived - so at least my brother has a key! Except that he called and told us he forgot his key, so we left it in a Skyline bag outside for him.  :-P

In the morning, we ran out to get donuts from Bonomini Bakery for everyone.  This is probably the closest bakery to us, but this was our first time there. 
Bonomini Bakery
They had a ton of stuff to choose from, so we ended up just choosing a half-dozen and cutting them up so everyone could sample everything. They were good, but I've definitely had better on the Donut Trail!  
Bonomini Bakery
For lunch, we ended up at deSha's for Stuffed Banana Peppers, Fish & Chips, Mushroom & Goat Cheese Flatbread, and Smoked Gouda & Chicken Rotini. 
Since we were now over-stuffed, we headed across the river into Kentucky to Devou Park, which has a stellar view of the city.  
Devou Park
We walked around for a little while until we had cleared enough room for ice cream.  
OMG, then we just had too much Snapchat fun at home! That app makes me laugh till it hurts!
Francisco made us blueberry waffles for breakfast on Sunday, and we played a game before my family had to head back north.  
But not before my mom found this awesome millipede downstairs. I was fascinated lol.
Peppered in throughout the weekend was talk of my brother's pending move to Washington. He's set a target date of August, and the thought of him being halfway across the country fills me with anxiety. He's always been just a few short hours drive away - if not under the same roof - so I think it scares me a little to think of him being so out of reach. I have real concerns that we'll fall out of touch, but *sigh* I know that I can't hold him back from trying to find his happiness.  I don't know how our family dynamic will change if he moves, but it obviously just makes things a lot more challenging.  


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