Donut Trail, Part V - The Finale

Our final trip on the Donut Trail began at Mimi's Donuts. This may have been the earliest we'd managed to get out and about for a donut run (around 9:00 AM), so there was a decent selection available at this strip mall location.
Mimi's Donuts
Francisco selected a Blueberry cake donut with lemon frosting. This had a slight crunch to it and good flavor overall - lemon and blueberry pair very well together. I went with the peanut butter cream-filled, Reese's-topped, chocolate frosted donut. Overall, it was a good, fairly light donut, although it could have used more peanut butter filling. These came in at a little over a dollar per donut.
Mimi's Donuts Lemon Blueberry Reese's
Last but not least, we pulled up to Martin's Donuts, a pink stand-alone building. Francisco went with a fried croissant with cream cheese filling, which had a nice crunch and good flavor. I picked the Oreo cream-filled donut topped with crumbled Oreos. Francisco wasn't very impressed with this one, but I thought it was fine, especially if you're a big Oreo fan. These came in around $1.25 per donut.
Martin's Donuts Oreo
I think we may have encountered the most exotic donuts on this trip (Reese's and Oreo), but they ended up not ranking super highly for me. I found that some of the more simple pastries really hit home with me. Notably, I also found the staff at both of these shops to be really friendly.

We both had a blast eating out way through all these donut shops!


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