Happy Easter

We ended up not really doing much for Easter.  I had meant to put together more of a basket for Francisco, but that never ended up happening, so all I had for him was some of his favorite popcorn.
Francisco made us a delicious brunch of Fronch Toast and a broiled grapefruit. I'm very picky about eggs, and I much prefer this vegan variety of French Toast - try it, and I promise you won't even miss the eggs! We've never owned grapefruit spoons, so you don't even need me to tell you how uncivilized we looked eating this grapefruit that we had broiled with a little bit of brown sugar and topped with yogurt and nuts.
We also whipped together some deviled eggs, which I swear I could eat by the handful.
But besides a couple rounds of Easter egg hunts, that was the extent of our Easter celebration.


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