Happy Halloweekend

Francisco got to lead the decision for dinner on Friday, so we ended up at Brij Mohan Indian Sweets & Restaurant. The ambiance wasn't exactly what we were expecting - you order at the counter and the food is served on paper plates and a plastic tray...not exactly high-end.  But the food is fresh and hot and definitely tasty - plus, this restaurant features a large variety of Indian sweets. Definitely a step up from the normal gulab jamun and kheer that's omnipresent at every other Indian place in town.
Brij Mohan Indian Sweets & Restaurant
Saturday morning, we headed down to Florence, KY with a quick stop at Reality Tuesday Cafe for some breakfast pastries and coffee.  We were headed this way to check out Gabe's, which had just opened a new location there.  They are similar to a TJMAXX, but I just wasn't really feeling anything, so I left empty-handed.
We did have a fairly successful Target trip, and I came home with this awesome pajama set.
Colby wasn't quite sure what to make of me.
This was one unhappy lion.
Then we pulled out ALL the costumes for Colby.
Kitties just have to learn that this is part of being loved by humans lol.
We've had a random warm spell - it's 80 degrees today on the 2nd day of November - so we were able to enjoy some deck time.
Fairly uneventful Halloweekend, but we had a good time torturing celebrating with our kitties!
And we even indulged in some Gomez Salsa we'd picked up while we were out!
The weather may not officially agree, but it's sure looking like fall around here!


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