Wednesday Weekend Wind-Up: Supermoon

Easy Friday night dinner down the street at Los Panchos.
Sometimes you forget how Christmas is creeping ever closer until you visit a mall.
We weren't really here for shopping though - it was just one of the more convenient locations of Macaron Bar.  I saw that they were now offering European Merengues, an oversize merengue with a light, crunchy outside and soft, creamy interior. I got the Raspberry, and Francisco picked out the Coffee and Pumpkin Spice macarons. I definitely liked the merengue better!
Next up was lunch at Seasons 52 - Pearfect Storm Cocktail, Flatbread, Fondue, Mushroom Soup, and 2 mini desserts.  Delicious - I love how fresh and flavorful their food always tastes!
Seasons 52
We stopped at Target and picked up this adorable pet sweater [only $3!]. I'm trying to be less frivolous in my spending, but I think I definitely got $3.00 worth of joy out of this piece of fabric.
Especially when these two cuties snuggled up in front of the fire together.
Sunday night, as we're lying in bed, Francisco shares an article that he's reading with me.  Apparently, this was the closest full moon since 1948 - and this won't happen again until 2034. I prompted him to get out of bed and go outside and take a picture of the supermoon.  Once he came back in, I asked him if he had gotten a good shot.  He said, yeah, he thought so. I asked him if I should go outside to take some just to be sure. "Maybe." I went outside, and I'm glad I did because these were the extent of his pictures:
I zoomed in on the moon, and I was so surprised at how detailed the pictures were coming out. I went in to show Francisco.
He was super excited once he saw my picture, and he went and grabbed the tripod and we stood outside for a while.
Ignore our commentary, but we were so enamored with the moon that we even tried recording it.


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