Wednesday Weekend Wind-Up: Gaming

After the last failed attempt to revisit Frida 602, we finally succeeded - although we almost gave up this time around, too, because the parking meter we were attempting to use wasn't working.  It was Happy Hour, so we had a house margarita and a tequila punch. We had some delicious Queso to start, and our waiter tossed in an order of salsa. We also each got a delicious Brussel Sprout taco. Our waiter recommended three each for a full meal, but I left plenty satisfied - and we didn't even get dessert this time!
Frida 602
We try to take turns in planning what to do with our weekends. This weekend was my turn, and I literally could not think of what would be fun to do. I felt like we wasted so much time Saturday morning trying to figure out what we were doing. In the end, the only place we ended up going was the grocery store. We picked up some food to make for the afternoon and opted for a big game night.

This was actually strategic planning on my part, because I had just cleaned up the game shelf downstairs, and I wanted us to evaluate some of the games we own and never play. There were some that were an automatic given to keep, so we bypassed those. We played Back Asswards, World War Z, Acquire, Parcheesi, Life, and the only game we decided to get rid of was Cranium Zooreka.
It was a chilly weekend, and it was definitely cold enough to turn on the fireplace on Sunday morning.
Pizza for lunch on Sunday and pancakes for dinner. Definitely an uneventful weekend, but we still had fun nonetheless.


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