Adventures in Juicing

My brother got us a juicer for Christmas; he was visiting for the weekend so we decided it would be the perfect opportunity to try it. I think I just have unfond recollections of some V8 experiences, so I wasn't expecting to like it terribly much. Our first recipes included beets, carrots, and apples.  And it was pretty tasty. Fresh, healthy, and not at all unpleasant like I was expecting. 
And it made the prettiest mess - so colorful, LOL! 
We all enjoyed it, and I'm exited to try some new recipes.  I've debated trying a 'juicing diet' in the past, but I am pretty sure I would just end up starved and miserable.  I am going to try and integrate some fresh juices into our regular diet though. It is a great way to get some fresh fruits and veggies and vitamins!


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