January 2014 Sample Society

Sample Society is a beauty subscription box that includes five deluxe-sized samples from the world's best luxury brands. For $15.00 monthly, you will be able to sample these deluxe brands and you will likely find that the value of the products received is twice what you paid (or more!). You will also receive $15 to redeem on a $50 purchase when any product from this month's sampled brands is included. If you are thinking of trying out Sample Society, please use this unique code, RXCK109088, at the Beauty Bar website, so I can receive referral credit. 
January Sample Society 2014
January's Sample Society theme was all about taking care of yourself and taking time for some post-holiday TLC. With everyone's new year resolutions in full swing, this is a great time to remind ourselves to slow down and enjoy life!
Butter London Handbag Cuticle Oil, Sample Value: $15.00
I was thrilled to open my box and see this. This is the second Butter London product I've received, and I am fine if they just keep 'em comin'!  It's been a cold winter, and that just zaps all the moisture from my hands and leaves me with dried out cuticles, so a good cuticle oil is a MUST.  I do prefer the smell of OPI Avoplex cuticle oil, but this one is a welcome substitute.
Butter London Handbag Cuticle Oil
StriVectin Present Perfect, $8.26 [$59 for 50 ml, sample size: 7 ml]
This cream had a pleasant, slightly floral fragrance, and it smoothed on and absorbed easily into my skin.
StriVectin Present Perfect

Jane Iredale Forever Pink Just Kissed Lip & Cheek Stain, ? [No sample size provided - full size is $25]
I liked the color of this lip stain - one coat adds a hint of pink, and it can be layered to build up a deeper color.  It smells slightly fruity; this is kind of odd, but the smell reminds me of something you would find in a child's make-up bag. I thought the smell of the Jane Iredale lip balm I tried in my November box was loads better.  I tried this as a cheek stain as well; while I prefer the application of a powder blush, this wasn't bad at all. 
Jane Iredale Forever Pink Just Kissed Lip & Cheek Stain
Nicole Richie Fragrance Eau de Parfum Sample, $1.01 [$69.00 for 3.4 oz, sample size: .05 oz]
This probably isn't a fragrance I would select for myself, but it was fun to try. It was a sweet and somewhat powdery scent with average staying power.
Nicole Richie Fragrance Eau de Parfum Sample
Philosophy Hope In a Jar, $8.40 [$42.00 for 2 oz, sample size: .4 oz]
I first thought, wait, didn't I just get this last month?  But it was the Night Moisturizer I received in last month's box. It applied lightly but it was moisturizing enough. I just couldn't get over the smell - it reminded me of wet dog, while the husband thought it had a sour citrussy smell, which I could kind of detect. So, maybe someone gave the dog a bath and then sprayed some unpleasant orange air freshener? :-P That said, I'd gladly use a moisturizer that worked well even if it smelled a little funky. :)
Philosophy Hope In a Jar
Total Value >$32.67
The value came in at twice its cost, and I love that it included another Butter London product this month.  
Please remember to use this unique code, RXCK109088, at the Beauty Bar website if you decide to give 'em a try. I'd say they're definitely worth checking out for a small, luxurious indulgence!


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