NailNation 3000 Goodies

Last month I won a giveaway hosted by NailNation 3000; you can check out their Storenvy site here. I was able to pick five shades from their store, so I managed to narrow it down to:
1 AND 2) Shine On Me (They had informed me that this particular polish would count as 2 bottles since it was made with 24K gold leaf.)
3) Can't Wait Teal Christmas
4) Fairy Holo Gasms
5) Away From the Sun

I received my prize near the beginning of January, so I've been slowly working my way through these amazing polishes. It turned out that Fairy Holo Gasms was unavailable, so she substituted with AmazeBalls and H2-Ohhh. This is well over a $50 value for these polishes!
Let's look at the winnings in greater detail.

Away From the Sun
Most of the polishes I received were fantastic holos! It's winter in the Midwest, so sunny days are in short supply. The sun is what really brings out the dimension of these polishes. The formula was great, thin and easy to work with. This ended up being 2-3 coats. Photos can never do holo polish justice, but you can definitely see a hint of the rainbow in these pics.
NailNation 3000 Away From the Sun
Can't Wait Teal Christmas
It is harder to see the holo in this polish, but that's partially because I didn't leave the house to take pictures. The formula was a little on the thick side but very easy to work with. This could have easily have been a one-coater, but I did two coats for evenness. I love this pretty blue color.
NailNation 3000 Can't Wait Teal Christmas
This one was actually a bit of a surprise. I didn't realize it was a holo until I caught it in the right light. Little rainbows on your fingers certainly are a welcome sight on dreary winter days! This is a light blue polish with darker blue glitter pieces sprinkled throughout. Even though it's a lighter polish, I found that just a couple of coats worked fine.  
NailNation 3000 H2-Ohhh
In the bottle, I thought this was purple, but it was almost more of a fuchsia color.  Easy application and good holo on this one. 
NailNation 3000 AmazeBalls
Shine On Me
Finally, we have the polish with 24K gold leaf. I ended up layering this over AmazeBalls. This polish can really pop depending on what base color you use.  This was two coats of Shine On Me without any fishing for gold pieces.
NailNation 3000 Shine On Me
Thanks again to NailNation 3000 for these amazing polishes!


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