Couldn't Ask For A Better Valentine

Valentine's Day was a blustery winter day filled with random snow squalls and a pestering feeling that I should preemptively blast the heat in case the power went out. My husband began the day with surprise donuts from Holtman's. He was one of the first in line to pick up a box of our fave donuts. :)
After breakfast, we did our brief gift exchange.
You know you're married when you get a toothbrush as a gift, and you're more than okay with that. #justsayin'
The cutest gift was the penguin necklace he got me, reminiscent of our recent vacation we spent hanging out with these adorable birds.  :)

We hadn't made reservations anywhere so we just decided to try our luck at Keystone. We only had a 20-minute wait, so not too shabby.
Of course, no holiday is complete without a signature cocktail, so we mixed up some Romeo and Juliet cocktails back at home. :)
Romeo and Juliet cocktails
All in all, I couldn't ask for a better Valentine. My husband has been my rock through this entire nightmare better known as 2015. <3


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