January 2015 Disposables

January was a crazy month, and I spent about 1/3 of it traveling. I did purge some old make-up though!
1. While this Repair & Protect conditioner is the only bottle to represent any used-up hair products for the month, that is just because other bottles got tossed in South America. The husband did not appreciate me taking up luggage space with empty containers, lol! ;-)
1. It feels like forever and a half ago when I picked up this Buff & Shine Kit. I'm not sure what this solution does, but I can get the same results with just a buffer.
2. This fragrance came in my June Sample Society box. I used it up while we were on vacation.
3. Another Sample Society (July) fragrance that I used up while traveling.
1. I kept this Strawberry Body Butter tucked on the lower shelf of my coffee table.
2. I brought this deodorant along on our recent South American trip, and my husband ended up forgetting his deodorant - so between the two of us, we used this up before we made it back to the States!
3. Another product used up while traveling!
1. I've been trying to work more serums into my face care routine - I keep reading good things about them!
2. I bought this a long time ago, and it was sitting unused in my medicine cabinet and past its expiry date.
3. I enjoyed this small face moisturizer.
4. Decent eye cream.
1. This was a gift a few years back, but it was one of my rarely used eyeshadow compacts, so it was time for it to go.
2. Old make-up powder.
3. This Natural Glow Mineral Blush was deep-toned enough that I used it as a bronzer.
4. I bought this blush back in February 2013 - it looked so pretty back then!  Obviously, nearly two years later, it needed to go!
1. This creamy concealer was okay - not the best or worst.
2. This lash conditioner was from my April 2014 Sample Society box and was a great way to enhance the effects of wimpy mascaras.
3. This make-up brush shampoo came in my Brush Guard Cleaning Kit, but I would probably just use baby shampoo in the future.
4. This clear mascara/brow gel looks disgusting - it's obvious why it was pitched. :-P

FINAL RESULTS: I used up 19 products to kick off 2015, not counting the ones that got used up and tossed along the way while we were traveling. 


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