How's Your 2015 Going?

I've gotta say, 2015 is not starting out so hot for me. I try to stay positive with most everything I post online, but sheesh, it would be nice to have something go smoothly this year! I can't complain too much because we did make it to South America and Antarctica (score, all 7 continents down - couldn't be more excited about that!), but there was a fair bit of uncertainty just a short week or two prior to that trip as to whether my heart was going to allow us to travel or not. So, after remembering that yes, indeed, I have a congenital heart condition, that put a bit of a damper on things and set off a litany of tests. And then I just got a glimpse of ONE of the hospital bills. Sheesh, that was painful. Scary part is it was just ONE of the bills, so who knows what the bottom line will end up being. :(
And yes, we chose to go on a vacation that definitely stretched our budget, but that was all booked before we knew about these additional health costs. We knew it would be tough regardless since we were traveling so early in the year and would be effectively paying ourselves back throughout 2015.

Oh, but now, our car won't start - tried to jump it, don't know what's wrong with it. Don't know how much that will end up costing. And I'm sick - not sure if that's a product from working at a hospital or the barrage of airports/planes I encountered just a week ago. But I have no time to take off work, so I'm just trying to get by day by day.

So, I'm ready to see some improvement in 2015, darn it! We're only one month in, so it's bound to get better, right? Trying to stay positive here, lol...


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